• Maine College of Art

      • Illustration major, BFA in Fine Arts, Graduated May 10th, 2014

Illustration/Design Experience

    • Produced illustrations for Frederator Books “Catbug: If I Were” e-book, December 2013

      • Ten illustrations plus cover

    • Exhibited work at the Thesis Show at Maine College of Art, May 2014

    • Produced art and animation for Incendiary Industries’ “Enigmatic” video game, June 2014 - August 2014

      • Background illustrations, platforms, and in-game props

    • Produced art and animation for Big Room Studios’ “Yarn Story Project”, July 2014 - November 2014

      • In-game props, character animations, and environments

    • Produced art and animation for “MediSim” video game, October 2014 - ongoing

      • In-game props, character animations, and environments

    • Created work for Portland Public Library’s “Wake Up, Alice!” show, November 6th- December 31st 2015

      • “Alice’s Tea Party” Board Game, cards, and character tokens

    • Produced type and edits for the South Salem’s Memorial Day Fair signs, March 2016

      • Created the type, edited the graphic image used in the sign

    • Produced artwork and type for Level-01 Videogames’ business card, July 2016

      • Illustrations and design for both front and back

    • Produced storyboards and background Illustrations for Essence Cartoons, August 2016 - November 2016


Vendoring Experience

    • Vendor at the Maine College of Art Annual Holiday Sale, December 2012/December 2013

    • Vendor at the Coast City Comic Con, November 2012/November 2013

    • Vendor at Reiacon, June 2016



    • Adobe Photoshop

      • CS5, CS6, CC

    • Adobe Flash

      • CS5, CS6, CC

    • Adobe Indesign

      • CS5, CS6, CC

    • Traditional Media

      • Pen and Ink

      • Brush and Ink

      • Acrylic Paint

      • Watercolor Paint

    • Stencyl Game Engine

    • Blender 3D Modelling